Technical expertise

Vision Technology Group AS has supplied advanced electronic solutions to the transport and logistics sector since 1990. With TraceGrid, the company has launched its third-generation fleet management platform. The solution was developed in Norway and the company offers thorough training and support for its products.

Cost savings and environmental benefits

TraceGrid is flexible, user-friendly and gives information that simplifies and optimises resource management within your business. Most of our customers recover their investment costs in just 90 days!
TraceGrid will also give your company major environmental benefits. Improved resource management gives more accurate travel distances, reduced fuel consumption, precise delivery times and reduced stoppage time. With our complete fuel management system, both theft and fuel leaks can also easily be detected. Reduce your fuel costs and give your company a greener and more environmentally friendly profile!

Efficiency boost for your business

Our system solutions give you complete, up-to-date information on each individual vehicle’s position and assignment status and enable direct communication with the driver.  As TraceGrid is web-based, you will always have access to the system via computers, tablets or smartphones connected to the Internet.

All the functions can be customised to meet the needs of your company. The system is alert-based, which means you avoid having to monitor the system. You receive alerts in connection with delays, service intervals, non-conformances etc., thereby enabling you to intervene at an early stage and prevent losses.