Security Aagainst Theft

TraceGrid offers various solutions for protection against fuel theft. In many cases, information from the dashboard computer is enough, but there are some limitations. For example, fuel levels can only be received when the ignition is on and measurements are not always precise. To add extra security, we therefore provide:

Additional fuel level sensors and fuel counters
Notification in case of possible fuel theft
Possibility of finding location and time of tampering incidents

Fuel level sensor

An additional fuel level sensor in fuel tank give much more precise data for the volume of diesel in tank. This helps show how much diesel was tanked and how much is left.

  • Not dependant on ignition, can detect fuel leak when vehicle is parked 24/7
  • Fuel tank can be calibrated up to 98% correctness
  • Prevents fraud, draining and unauthorised use of fuel

Fuel counter

When you need precise information about how much fuel has been used by a vehicle, you can install differential fuel flow meter fuel counters which give you very precise information about fuel consumption. Fuel counters enable you to receive objective information about actual fuel consumption and vehicle working time. They also allow you to reduce fuel and repair costs. It is possible to generate fuel consumption rates for selected routes and technological operations.

The economic effect of using the fuel accounting devices differs from company to company, but usually about 10 to 40%, depending on the baseline situation and management persistence.

  • Differential fuel flow meterUp to 1 % uncorrectness of actual fuel usage calculations can be achieved
  • Fuel consumption control
  • Fuel consumption rationing
  • Fuel consumption optimisation and real-time monitoring
  • Engine fuel consumption testing

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Driving Book

Follow the location of vehicles and automatically receive driving reports via email

Remote Tachograph Download

TraceGrid system will download tachograph and driver files so you don't have to worry about them.

Two Way Communication With Drivers

Send arrival destination or communicate by text message with driver

Fuel Management

Follow how much fuel is used in your company and use various reports to view your fuel usage efficiency.

Cargo Temperature Monitoring

See the temperature of delivered goods and get real-time alerts if temperature is inappropriate.

Container And Goods Tracking

Track your goods as well as vehicles and add additional security for your cargo.

Advanced Heavy machinery monitoring

Get maximal information from your vehicles.

Security Against Theft

Protect your company fuel from possible theft.

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