Advanced Heavy machinery monitoring

Heavy machinery usually has high operational and maintenance costs. Using the TraceGrid system, you will see how efficiently equipment is used and also reduce the possibility of breakdown. We work hard to bring you maximal information from your vehicle so you can see not only the dot on the map, but also fuel consumption, engine hours, maintenance notifications and detect reckless or improper usage of equipment. If you are looking for better control of your heavy machinery fleet, do not hesitate to contact us and we will find the best solution for your company.     

Facts worth remembering

  • TraceGrid software is developed by us, so we can always adjust functionality and add new features on request. If any an issue should arise, we are able to fix it fast.
  • We are always listening to customer needs so we can offer the most cost-effective solutions.
  • Our experienced staff can install or assist with installations of anything from simple GPS tracking to connection of additional fuel level sensors, fuel counters, CAN BUS, temperature sensors or remote tachograph download.
  • We have outstanding customer support that can assist with training for how to use the system or help with other technical questions.
Get a free trial of TraceGrid for 32 days

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Driving Book

Follow the location of vehicles and automatically receive driving reports via email

Remote Tachograph Download

TraceGrid system will download tachograph and driver files so you don't have to worry about them.

Two Way Communication With Drivers

Send arrival destination or communicate by text message with driver

Fuel Management

Follow how much fuel is used in your company and use various reports to view your fuel usage efficiency.

Cargo Temperature Monitoring

See the temperature of delivered goods and get real-time alerts if temperature is inappropriate.

Container And Goods Tracking

Track your goods as well as vehicles and add additional security for your cargo.

Advanced Heavy machinery monitoring

Get maximal information from your vehicles.

Security Against Theft

Protect your company fuel from possible theft.

We can call you back within 24 hours and offer the optimal solution for you.