Driving Book

TraceGrid’s logbook simplifies the documentation of travel histories, the completion of journey documents and communication with drivers. You will gain a complete overview of the positions of your vehicles on detailed maps from Google Maps. Through TraceGrid’s fleet management, you will also benefit from:

  • Detailed data on travel routes and distances, average speeds and arrival times
  • Complete, up-to-date overview of which customers have been visited and which remain outstanding
  • Option to distinguish between private and business journeys
  • Driving history can be reviewed for over a year

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Driving Book

Follow the location of vehicles and automatically receive driving reports via email

Remote Tachograph Download

TraceGrid system will download tachograph and driver files so you don't have to worry about them.

Two Way Communication With Drivers

Send arrival destination or communicate by text message with driver

Fuel Management

Follow how much fuel is used in your company and use various reports to view your fuel usage efficiency.

Cargo Temperature Monitoring

See the temperature of delivered goods and get real-time alerts if temperature is inappropriate.

Container And Goods Tracking

Track your goods as well as vehicles and add additional security for your cargo.

Advanced Heavy machinery monitoring

Get maximal information from your vehicles.

Security Against Theft

Protect your company fuel from possible theft.

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